“Adult Lord”Everyday Genius

“bobby knight, parasite,” “Horses Won’t Obey Anything”UP

“Jakub ‘Hotdog’ Zajic”New World Poetry

“Angel Baby,” “Good Gravity”Red Lightbulbs

“Day”Spooky Boyfriend

“Oh Baby, I Flew,” “When Life Hands You Lemons Tell Me What Its Hands Look Like”New Wave Vomit

“The Beers”Everyday Genius

The Jackalope Wars (chapbook, Stoked Press, 2011)




“TV Gleam”—In Advance of Air (Champion of the Couch Press, 2014)

“Diary of Hunter Green #7,” “Diary of Hunter Green #9″NOÖ Journal, issue 14

“The Mists”—[PANK] no. 7 (Sept. 2012)

“Single Wide Bible,” “Pony”—Life is precious and God and The Bible (Champion of the Couch Press, 2012)

“Meant for Bobbing Heads,” “To Find a Humming Peace”—CAGE MATCH Vol. II

“Cassandra, You Are a Prophet of Doom,” “Head-Magic Hiding”—The Broken Plate 2011

“The Hard Hurt”—The Broken Plate 2010



Our Androids and the Rocketry of Youth: An Interview with Peter Davis (Front Porch Journal, issue 23)

Ones and Zeroes Creeping: An Interview with Lindsay Stern (Front Porch, issue 23)

Sparing Existence and Other Coozies: An Interview with Daniel Bailey (Front Porch, issue 22)

Laundromats of the Dorito-Dust Bowl: An Interview with Mike Young (Front Porch, issue 21)

What to Expect When You’re Expecting in the Apocalypse: An Interview with Matt Bell (Front Porch, issue 21)


Book Reviews

The Skin Team by Jordaan Mason, from Magic Helicopter Press (Front Porch Journal, issue 25)



Avocado Doghead


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