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The Glow Farm is Under New MGMT: My ADHD Diagnosis + First 7 Days with Adderall

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Last February, shortly after my 29th birthday, I was diagnosed with ADHD. It’s made for a revelatory, but real confusing and weird year. After I was diagnosed, I tried managing my ADHD on my own for about 10 months (okay, “on my own” really means with mega help from my awesome wife, who’s been amazing, supportive, and then some through it all). I thought getting to know my brain and how it works with this new context of ADHD might be all I needed, and maybe I could even pick up some mindfulness techniques that would boost my mind-management skills. However, the results were pretty mixed. There were some successes, but a lot of frustration. I was still trying to control something I’ve struggled to control my whole life.