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The Glow Farm is Under New MGMT: My ADHD Diagnosis + First 7 Days with Adderall

Day 1 on Adderall Quieter Thinking is less immersive Like I was in a traffic jam constantly before, and now it’s just me on the road Used to think about everything I said and did before I said and did them, now I just do and say At first it felt like my head was empty Chill wave Stress is way down I have a lot to do, but I’m not getting stressed about it (work). Focused and calm. I’m still able to work on things in little pieces, able to think about different things at once, it’s just less frantic. And way less stressful

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COMICS! Or: *Pause* *Slow breath* Okay…I’m okay. *Slow breath* *Pause* Comics.

Comic books thump my chest something near mystic when they're real good, and lately they've been witching me but good due to comic books becoming more and more diverse and inclusive. It's a great time to be a comic fan who was always a bit embarrassed to be a comic fan. While all media can … Continue reading COMICS! Or: *Pause* *Slow breath* Okay…I’m okay. *Slow breath* *Pause* Comics.

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the ORB

It's a Roy Orbison morning. Everything is draped in darkness with some pockets blooming with blue flame in rhythmic intervals. The crackle of the blue burning sounds like a thousand records waiting to start in the darkness. Sometimes we're a sad club of ghosts. The Boo-Hoo Crew VS Mysteries of the Unknown (everything). Goo clouds … Continue reading the ORB


Things I Want in Life

7. Crazy beers on the reg, kinds with scorpions in them, cheetah feet, actual radioactive waste, baby squids, baby glaciers (not just ice, dammit), and moon dust. 8. A host spot on The View. I just think me and Whoopee Goldberg could be good friends. 9. My wife to admit to everyone I'm funny. Maybe at the monster bday party. 10. Shoes made kings' skulls 11. All guns shoot tiny guns that shoot tinier guns and the tiniest gun shoots Dr. Pepper, but I mean with whiskey too, amiright? 12. All gorillas recognize. 13. Every state has an official state cobra. 14. My dog stops telling my secrets to everyone, making me distrust most animals (especially smug).